Venice Biennale

The Venice Biennale started as a showcase of Italian art in 1895, eventually becoming the oldest and most important international visual art event in the world. As an international platform for contemporary art, it has evolved over the years to include architecture. Venice Architecture Biennale is now recognized as the most strategic and highly?profiled event on the international calendar of contemporary architecture, with thousands of the world's most influential architects, designers, urban planners, developers and critics visiting, and extensive coverage and commentary in the architectural press and general media during and after the exhibition. The12th International Architecture Exhibition in 2011, with the title of People Meet in Architecture, was directed by Kazuyo Sejima of SANAA, the 2010 Pritzker Architecture winner.

PAM, in collaboration with MATRADE and National Art Gallery Malaysia (NAGM) as the co?exhibitors, presented a re?composition of Malaysia's architectural scene, hence the working title "RE/MIXED". The underlying curatorial intent is to feature a testimonial collection of architectural creations by PAM Members over the years, and to provide as wide as possible the opportunity for the wealth of architectural talent from amongst PAM Members to participate.

Our creation is of a place for contemplation and meditation. An existing Bodhi tree becomes the focus within the place itself. There is an infinity pool with a thin stream of water that cascades down to assist in this place of homage. The model was made of cardboard, wire, balsa wood and styrofoam.